New in: Luna Nova

Inspired by the phase of the new moon when the moon is in an invisible line between the sun and the Earth. Dazzled by the strong light of the sun, we barely perceive it for a while before it takes shape again. Feel the attraction and carry the magical shifts of the moon with Luna Nova's special character.


Fall for our new comet

Halley is a mesmerizing series that captures the otherworldly beauty of comets, inspired by the fascinating textures and patterns found on their surfaces. Scandinavian maximalism in grandiose yet simple design.

Explore our universe of Solar Jewelry

Discover the scuptural Solar Collection & new for the season Solar Earcuff. Designed for the expressive jewelry lover.

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We use recycled materials in our jewelry

Silver, steel, porcelain, glass, laminate

Scandinavian contemporary design est 2008

Studio & showroom Malmö